St. Wenceslas Winery

Above the entrance portal, the helmet of St. Wenceslas hangs.

The wineries are connected to the Second Degustation Cellar at two locations. Both houses combine a simple and modern interior made of concrete, stucco plaster, spatula, galvanized iron and more. The building was designed from the outside as well as from the inside by a trio of young architects composed by Veronika Ševčíková, Rostislav Stoklásek and Tereza Teplá, in cooperation with Ing. arch. Tomáš Zlámala.

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The entire building is modernly designed and made to store and produce wine.

The entire main space is used for production. It starts at the top of the gallery, and continues to the cellar using gravity. This provides a somewhat unconventional, but correct and wine-friendly method of production. The state-of-the-art cooling and heating systems, an air-conditioned warehouse for wines, an office, a tasting bar ... here you can find the best wine and its lovers!

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After pressing the last variety, the space is always carefully cleaned, the technology shut down and replaced with oak tables and benches. There will be a comfortable background for both passers-by, corporate and private events, training, presentations, parties, birthdays and family anniversaries for a total of up to 150 people.

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Vinařství Václav s.r.o.

Na Hradbách no. 78, 693 01 Hustopeče
ID: 04466845, VAT: CZ04466845
The company is registered under file number C 90038 at the Regional Court in Brno

Phone +420 777 359 966

Andrea Teplá (provoz)
+420 606 716 869

Petr Očenášek (konzultant)
+420 7764 38 451

Petr Vacenovský (enolog)
+420 777 359 966

Tomáš Teplý (majitel)
+420 602 702 932

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