St. Wenceslas Winery

When you drink wine and close your eyes, you will see the country in which it hung.

The varieties for our vineyard were selected by experts of the local site. We listened carefully to them. We have prepared ground and planted vines. We see how the vineyards grow under our hands, and we try to help with nature wherever it is needed. We use gentle machines and a minimum of chemistry. Wine is produced using state-of-the-art technologies, but with an emphasis on traditional practices.

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About half of our vineyards are intended for growing vines for the production of mineral wines.

To cultivate the vine from which we produce wines with a mineral character, we decided to consult Ing. Lubomír Kudelňák, a local wine expert and our good friend. It was him who explained to us the logic of vine growing in a tight buckle, and for that we are grateful. This method is a specific narrow buckle (the vineyards are planted in rows 130 cm wide with a 130 cm high wire and 35 cm high grape stack). Up to 10,000 seedlings per one hectare. Dense bushes of vineyards compete with each other, and it forces the roots to search for water and nutrients in depths up to several tens of meters. There are other substances, especially minerals, coming from the soil. They then give the wine a characteristic flavor.

The technique of growing vine for the production of mineral wines is very demanding.

It requires special narrow machines and especially manual care. But we believe the result will be worth it. In a narrow buckle we grow Pálava, Riesling and Sauvignon. In the spring of 2016, we are going to plant the still-widespread Saphira variety on the smallest vineyard "Under the Forest" in Kurdějov.

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The other varieties - Pinot Blanc, Ruland Gray, Ruland Blue, Franco, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon - have we decided to drop 2.2 × 1 m in a standard buckle. Not only is this a proven method of wine-growing, here we can use a different, faster and more convenient machine for the operator.

The good conditions for growing vines are also prepared by the sheep, grazing in the solid gardens between the vineyards. The herd spread over the hills has a beautiful view. Also good wine goes well with grilled lamb.

We look forward to seeing and comparing the growing vines and their development on the same vineyards.

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