Family Celebrations

Take advantage of the area of our winery, the apartments with a terrace for family celebrations and meetings.

The Lavender terrace will provide privacy and comfort.

Oslavy   Sv. Vaclav   Sklep 11
Oslavy   Sv. Vaclav   Sklep 12
Oslavy   Sv. Vaclav   Sklep 15
Oslavy   Sv. Vaclav   Sklep 16

Vinařství Václav s.r.o.

Na Hradbách no. 78, 693 01 Hustopeče
ID: 04466845, VAT: CZ04466845
The company is registered under file number C 90038 at the Regional Court in Brno

Phone +420 777 359 966

Andrea Teplá (provoz)
+420 606 716 869

Petr Očenášek (konzultant)
+420 7764 38 451

Petr Vacenovský (enolog)
+420 777 359 966

Tomáš Teplý (majitel)
+420 602 702 932

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