Tomáš and Olda

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TOMÁŠ TEPLÝ (co-owner)

When Tomáš, whose current field of business was transportation, logistics and small development, decided to move from his native Hustopeče to smaller and quieter Kurdějov, he did not yet know how much this decision would change his life, and partly the whole village. From one house he wanted to build here, the new quarter of 25 houses was developed.

During the construction, he discovered records of hectares of the originally ecclesiastical and aristocratic vineyards in the historical sources, and along with them they also send the glory and prosperity of the village. He gradually bought a part of the fallow land in the vineyards, and began to restore the local wine-making tradition - initially rather to disengage from the demanding business of logistics and development.

OLDA VACHALA (co-owner)

Olda is the fourth generation in his family of winemakers around Hustopeče. He and his grandfather went to the wine cellar from early childhood. He knew the cellars long before he first entered the kindergarten; the wine is literally in his blood. Later, as he began to discover the beauty and spells of wine, he was particularly interested in the different processes and technologies in his production, but also thedifferent approaches of winemakers to wine in the world.

The greatest enthusiasm for wine was sparked by his long-time friends Ing. Jiří Kadrnka and JUDr. Miroslav Hrabal. With them and other wine lovers, they have the opportunity to visit the best wine regions and wineries in France, Italy, Austria and other countries. From the pleasant hobby that the wine was for him, it became life-long love.

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Working together on vineyards

Although Tomáš and Olda know for years, together they have been brought to the idea of a common winery by their common friend Jirka Kadrnka. Tomáš had the idea to build his own winery in his head and on paper; Olda felt it was time to leave a manager position in a big company and begin to take care of what he really did. For both, it is time for a fundamental change in life. And so, as in the case of a bottle of wine, they have learned their intentions and plans. They decided to get along together. Tomáš started to build a vineyard and winery, Olda is under the patronage of organizing the entire winery, its operation, and especially the wine itself - its production. This unusual combination literally over a generation has turned out to be a good fit: the vineyards have grown so that they are currently farming 7 hectares.

For the year 2017 and further with the vineyard Tomáš will again turn to Pavel Latýnov. It is time to learn again about young vines and to cultivate them with existing and new techniques. The vineyards are almost cut, so we have to balance them and then go through the vineyard season in accordance with our concept when we try to keep the absolute health of the grapes until the harvest in the BIO regime. Because only such grapes can produce the right wine!

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Vinařství Václav s.r.o.

Na Hradbách no. 78, 693 01 Hustopeče
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The company is registered under file number C 90038 at the Regional Court in Brno

Phone +420 777 359 966

Andrea Teplá (eservation of apartments and cellar)
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Oldřich Vachala (wine orders)
phone: +420 602 956 518

Tomáš Teplý
phone: +420 602 702 932

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