Team Work

Without these people, our winemaking would never be what it (for us) is.
We appreciate their enthusiasm, effort and patience ... and we are happy to share the results of our joint work.

MOMO: Designers

The artists Šimon Rujbr and Martin Ptáček from the MOMO interier studio, while working at the tasting Cellar of St. Wenceslas were not bound by the conventions of a "typical Moravian wine cellar". They have incorporated a number of original works of art into the modern interior, and have inspired an extraordinary atmosphere. Directly from the basement, you can watch the stars in the sky while drinking a glass of wine.

Adam Střapec: Author of the Entrance Portal

Unique cellar entry portal from iron black sheet. Wine bottles are placed in it, which, in combination with the gray masonry, make the play of light appear. The interior of the degustation cellar was made by the artistic blacksmith Adam Střapec - a young and promising artist. He then disappeared somewhere in the undefined parts of the artistic world :-).

Pavel Latýn: Vineyards caretakersb

Pavel originally worked in MOSS Logistic's Tomas Company as a truck driver. When Pavel heard about Tomáš starting planti vineyards, he appeared in his office and began to talk. Telling how good-humored peasant wines were made in the small vineyards. He left his current job and started using his machinery knowledge somewhere else. Since March 2014, he has become an inseparable part of Winery Wenceslas.

Tomáš Teplý says: "The way of growing in our vineyards is so atypical that we need to constantly seek optimal technology, invent and improve procedures (buckles, bio, cultivation, cut, etc.). Pavel is invaluable in this way. Patient, persevering, never gives up. It is great especially with the technique. What keeps me going all day he does with the machine in a few hours. But he has proved to me that even if everything is not perfect and the vineyards are still learning, we always have two people on it."

Adam Střapec

Adam Střapec

Martin Ptáček

Martin Ptáček

Pavel Latýn

Pavel Latýn

After years, Pavel decided to start a business in the same field and the new winery. We have no choice but to thank him and wish him good luck.

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Pavel3 1240x715
Pavel4 1240x919
Pavel5 1240x746
Pavel6 1240x824

Ing. Lubomír Kudelňák: Wine guru and mentor

„ "Although he is no longer among us, I would like to add him to the team," says Tomáš Teplý.

"He was probably the greatest expert I have met so far. A man who, for no reason, devoted me a lot of his time. He told me about the vineyards and showed me the differences, and finally gave me enough faith and courage to start with the vineyards in a tight buckle with a capacity of 10,000 individuals per hectare.

The first meeting was (as it happens) totally random. My friend refused to sell my tractor until Mr. Kudelňák agreed - to say that he was not disappointed later and did not impute his unsuitable purchase. Until today, I do not know what I deserved so quickly to get into the first league's winemaking. In short, Mr. Kudelňák took me, and he walked with me in the frost all day in the vineyards. I received praise for the location of the future vineyards, and also the first advice.

In a few days it was clear. The tractor will not be bought because I want to plant vineyards that do not fit it. Investing in vineyards (seedlings, wires, pillars, anchors) with twice the amount initially planned. And the machines will have to wait.

Mr. Kudelňák became an invaluable mentor for me. He always explained everything with the logic so to me it made sense.

I did not know he was sick, and the news of his death struck me like lightning from the clear sky. Today, I often think of him in the vineyard with gratitude."

Roman Dvořák: Consultant and supplier of viticulture machines

You can bring the machines for a challenging way of growing in a narrow buckle from Italy or France (but then get a job). Or you can call Romana Dvořák. Tom and Romana quickly became friends. In the end, Kurdějov charmed Roman enough to buy a few hectares of land from Tomáš and plans to plant his own vineyards.

Lubomír Němeček: Hotel and restaurant owner in Kurdějov

Dozens of evenings of discussions about the intention to return the vineyards to Kurdějov. Plans slowly moved into reality. The vineyard in Kurdějov was eventually planted not only by Tomáš Teplý, but also by Lubomír Němeček. Discussion evenings remain, only the themes are a little different.

Ing. Arch. Tomáš Zlámal

The Zlámal Studio worked out the construction projects of the winery and dealt with the change of use of the buildings on commercial premises. Tomáš designed a very unusual garage for agricultural machinery, which is made of monolithic concrete and is almost recessed into the slope. We have been working together for years, and it will stay that way in a future as well. .

Rostislav Stoklásek, Veronika Ševčíková, Tereza Teplá

Students of architecture and authors of the winery study - both in the exterior and in all interiors. To a given mass (street regulators) they managed to plant a house that would serve for wine production. We are curious what this trio can do together!

Jirka Kadrnka

Tomáš' companion in MOSS and the co-owner of both buildings. He consulted and dealt with the exteriors and interiors of both buildings. He is the author of the name "St. Wenceslas winery, "and the idea was to incorporate the story of Wenceslas directly into our two buildings.

One of the organizers of "Duel vín Hustopeče"wines travels all over Europe. We are proud to have an archive in our wine tasting cellar, where wine is stored, which will bring from our paths and which we taste occasionally for inspiration. We, in return, will give him the taste of ours.

Miroslav Hrabal, Jirka Kunc

He advises us how to work and what to look for in wine. His opinions and advice about our wine are being heard and we will always appreciate them.  Along with Olda, he traveled all over Europe to taste wines. He is a wine producer as well.

Jiří Netík

Recognized sculptor who decorated both objects. Besides being a great artist, he is also a great musician. Maybe one day he will play violin in our musical corner in the winery.

Přemek Grůza and Antonín Krčmář

Buildsteel building company owners. Both of them belong to our admiratio and we thank them for a great job at all construction jobs they do for us.

Radim Fiala

We have great support in Radim. He comes to visit regularly, we taste different wines together, we talk about them and more. Radim is a great companion who also spreads the glory of our winery even in the cultural world. 

Pavel Košulič, Martina Hyndráková, Magdalena Kořínková and Nela Prášilová

Advertising mages and strategists who helped us to set up a communication space. Nela also posed as a model for our pictures.

Jakub Zdechovan

A photographer who documented the construction, the wine picking and all the interiors and exteriors. His pictures are an experience…

We want to thank others who have helped us:

  • Zdeněk Rybář - the man who arranged all the electricity
  • Roman Machač - Guru through the water-top
  • Jan Palčík - his domain is a furniture
  • Dagmar Mlčáková, Richard Hicl, Norbert Hubatka - without them logistics would not work and their support is immeasurable
  • Josef Herold - a man who knows how everything works in the houses
  • Hanka Krejčová - we owe her a thank you for keeping the place straight
  • Roman Vachala -man responsible for events organization
  • Jan Kobliha - his domain is locksmith work
  • Peter Jančí - we have stainless steel tanks for wine production from him
  • Eda Bařina - and from him again wooden wine tanks
  • Josef Rous - he's just a good friend who helps us whenever he can
  • David Hönig - a great blacksmith and author of many ideas and locksmiths in the winery as well as the tasting cellar
  • Roman Pokorný - thanks to him we have a great working tv and internet
  • Petr Ebach - great musician

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