St. Wenceslas - patron of Hustopeče

„Joining the name with the figure of St. Wenceslas has been following
us since we started to think about setting up the company“

St. Wenceslas is not only a patron of the Czech lands. He is also a patron of Hustopeče (the local church dedicated to St. Wenceslas and St. Agnes of Bohemia) but most importanly he is a patron of the winemakers - the Supreme Master of the Vineyards (Supremus magister vinearum). According to legends, St. Wenceslas not only loved to drink, but he founded vineyards, cultivated vines, and made wine.

The oldest Hustopeče and Kurdějov wineries have been linked to Wenceslas since the 13th century. Tomáš and Olda want to follow up on these traditions and values. It returns grapevine to long-defunct vineyards, and when cultivating they prefer the methods of their ancestors ... who else should help them than the Czech patron?

Join with St. Vaclav in the wine tasting cellar

The building of the winry itself, where production and ripening of wine takes place, is adjacent to the modernly reconstructed wine cellar "St. Wenceslas ". Our good friend and co-owner of the cellar J. Kadrnka initiated the welsh theme and Martin Ptáček from the MOMO interier studio put a number of references to the Wenceslas mysterious story in the interior. The carver J. Netík perfectly finished his magical atmosphere with his bronze statues of Wenceslas, his horses and crown. We will be glad to tell you about it while drinking a glass of good wine in the St. Wenceslas cellar.


Something about the history:

St. Wenceslas was born around 907 to Drahomíra and Vratislav I. He was brought up by his grandmother Ludmila, Vratislav's mother, and at that time received extraordinary education. According to some sources, he did not only rule Old Slavic and Latin, but even Greek. After the death of Wenceslas' father, Vratislav, in February 921, his mother, Drahomíra, took over the reign for the then 14-year-old prince. And just the power rivalry between her group and supporters of Ludmila resulted in her letting her mother-in-law murder.

Václav took the reign four years later, and from the beginning he had to deal with a number of problems. In 929, the Saxon and Bavarian troops invaded Bohemia, which soon infiltrated Prague. Wenceslas - instead of wailing the whole country - has decided to solve this situation peacefully and has committed himself to paying annual contrition.

The level of his education opened up his horizons and led to the helpfulness and contacts with the remnants of the East African Empire, from where not only some progress was spread, but above all, Christianity. During ten years of his government, Václav deserved the destruction of the pagan models and customs. He founded churches, among other things he started the construction of the St. Vít's Basilica at the Prague Castle and intensely advocated Christianity. It was later one of the points of strife between him and his eight years younger brother Boleslav. To others, Boleslav's ambition and the desire to get the reign for herself certainly contributed.

For decades, there has been a debate about whether the brotherhood murder happened on September 28, 935, or 929. At present, the historians are inclining towards 935.

And a few more words about the wine…

According to legend, in 892 Moravian Prince Svatopluk sent the Bohemian prince Bořivoj and his wife Ludmila to celebrate the birth of their son Spytihněv, the southern Moravian wine and the vine seedlings. Ludmila, who was raised as a buckwheat and often brought sacrifices to the Slavic gods, sacrificed some of the wine of the goddess Krosyn with the prospect of heavy rain. Her plea was heard - the crop was saved and the grapevine planted. Bořivoj and Ludmila earned their first planting of vineyards in Bohemia. The first vineyard was said to be near Mělník, between the towns of Nedomice and Dřísy. She taught her son, Wenceslas, to grow vines, and in the press he dedicated himself to the secrets of wine production.

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